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The EasySplicer Mk2 is a Swedish made Fusion Splicer designed specifically for the installer working with daily fibre optic (FTTH) installations. It's small and handy to bring along to any kind of job. Its rugged battery powered handheld design makes it the perfect device for use under good indoor conditions as well as out in the field.

The Easy Splicer Mk2 is truly a grand innovation for making Fibre-Optic Networks. It revolutionises the ease of building such networks and cuts costs to the customer in turn generating more work for the installer!

Key features:


·         Fusion splicing made easy and affordable

·         Perfect for the FTTH installer

·         For both Singlemode and Multiple fibres

·         Splicing time of less than 7 seconds

·         Provides loss estimation result

·         Pull test of performed splices

·         Standalone battery operation

·         Built-in oven


Technical Specification:

·         Splicing method: V-groove (cladding alignment)

·         Fibre Types: SMF,MMF 50/125 µm fiber and 62.5/125um fiber, 250 µm primary and 900 µm secondary coated fibre

·         Fibre Handling: Fibre holders, 3 pairs (250, 900 and loose tube)

·         Splice Programs: 3 pre-defined. SMF, MMF, OM1

·         Typical Splice Loss: 0.03dB SMF, 0.01dB MMF

·         Altitude Compensation: Automatic up to 4100 metres with compensation for moisture and temperature

·         Typical Cycle time: 7s + 35s (splice cycle+ oven cycle)

·         Sleeve Dimensions: Max 64mm length, 2-5mm diameter supported by oven

·         Communication: USB, mini USB plug

·         Memory: Internal 1MB, External SD-Card slot

·         Monitor: LCD, color, 2,8″, 320×240 pixels

·         Oven: Ceramic/teflon type, 40mm sleeves in about 35 sec.

·         Magnification: Camera 140x

·         Operating Environment: 0-40°C, max 95% RH, non-condensing

·         Weight: 800g

·         Power Sources: External power supply, 6V, 1.25A, 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, Build in Li-Ion battery pack

·         Splicing Capacity: 60 splicing cycles

·         Additional Features: Loss estimation, Fiber fault detection, SD-card for data logging


What's in the box?

·         Easysplicer MkII Handheld Fusion Fibre Splicer

·         3 pairs of fibre holders, 250um, 900um and loose tube

·         Cleaver with bin (New Black Version)

·         Stripper tool

·         Rechargeable battery pack (built-in)

·         Power supply

·         Hard carry case

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