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Cable Tracing Kit 701K

Professional tone & probe tracing kit, comprises, 77HP-G High Power Tone Generator, 200EP-G Tone..

Code: T8049


Cable Tracing KitPTS100/200

Kit comprises the PTS 200 Tone Generator and the PTS 100 probe in a woven polyestercarrying pouch..

Code: T8050


Digital Test Probe

A low cost probe which identifieswithout the need to disconnect when traffic is present by emitting ..

Code: T8035


Tone Generator 600J

BT approved Tone Generator providing transformer coupled or capacitor coupled connection to the wire..

Code: T8051


Tone Kit CP3

A cost effective tone kit in a rugged case, comprises, 77HP-G High Power Tone Generator..

Code: T8047


Tone Kit CP7

Ruggedised high power tone kit, comprises, 600J High Power Tone Generator, 500J To..

Code: T8048


Tone Probe 500J

Rugged audio amplifier used to detect alternating electrostatic fields set up by an applied Tone Gen..

Code: T8052