M17 Compressor Including the After cooler

  • Model: E7753
2 - 3 Days

Standard Features:

- sigma profile rotary screw alrend with direct drive produces more air with less horsepower

- heavy-duty 4-cylinder diesel engine compiles with current Tier 3 EPA emissions standard

- large fuel tank for extended operation, propreietary anti-frost thermostatic valve avoids tool freeze-ups & weatherproof toolbox

- high capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation even under extreme working conditions

Aftercooler with additional microfilter for use with Kaeser M17 Compressor providing cool, condensate-free and oil-free compressed air.

• 12-V electrical connection for voltage supply to the after-cooler fan

Support frames are equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, fan power supply and condensate return.

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